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Annual Wellness Visits

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) with your primary care provider focuses on prevention and is designed to keep seniors healthy, lower their risk of illness and injury, and provide the support needed for a healthy quality of life.

The Annual Wellness Visit is different from a physical exam

At the Annual Wellness Visit you may see a nurse or other care team member working with your provider. At the visit they will:

  • take blood pressure, height and weight
  • ask questions about your health, including medications, vaccines, mood, memory, mobility, family and living situation
  • provide you with a wellness plan designed specifically for you


The AWV is an opportunity to focus on specific issues important to older adults such as:

  • items that may be overlooked in a typical physical exam
  • emerging health and safety risks
  • current medications, adverse events and side effects
  • a review of all providers, specialists and suppliers of medical care
  • an annual check for alignment with patient goals

You will receive a personalized prevention plan

One of the most valuable elements of the AWV is the creation of a long-term preventive care plan based on the information you share with your provider including a health risk assessment (HRA), family history, current list of medical providers and medications, and results from screenings for cognition, depression, alcohol misuse, hearing, functional status, fall risk. The comprehensive evaluation focuses on overall wellness and prevention with goals such as:

  • early disease detection and prevention
  • maximizing wellness
  • preventing accidents at home
  • keeping patients out of the hospital
  • delaying long-term care

Benefits and takeaways from the Annual Wellness Visit

Annual Wellness Visits are free to Medicare patients who have been enrolled in Medicare Part B for at least a year. Medicare covers the full cost of the AWV, and there is no co-pay. The visit includes:

  • a yearly review of your medical status
  • education and counseling about preventive services
  • screening for depression and memory problems
  • referrals to supportive services, if needed
  • personalized prevention plan

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Annual Wellness Visits Locations

Community Health Mettowee

278 VT Route 149
West Pawlet, VT 05775

Community Health Brandon

420 Grove Street
Brandon, VT 05733

Community Health Castleton

275 Route 30 North
Bomoseen, VT 05732

Community Health Rutland

215 Stratton Road
Rutland, VT 05701

Community Health Shorewell

2987 VT Route 22A
Shoreham, VT 05770