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Community Health offers a full range of medical, dental and behavioral health services including preventative care, well child care, acute care and management of chronic illness. The quality of our care as well as patient satisfaction are important to how we deliver our services and our ability to foster a productive work environment for our health care professionals.

The core elements of our quality care include top management’s commitment to continuous evaluation and improvement of quality, training programs for our clinical and nonclinical staff, collection and evaluation of practice and patient data and information, and the development and implementation of quality environment allowing providers to practice at the top of their license.

Community Health’s quality program supports our medical, dental and behavioral health practices, which offer health care to all regardless of financial situation. We believe in the importance of patient involvement in medical decisions and follow well-defined protocol for administration of services that are fair, accurate and balanced and serve our community with a skilled workforce and innovative programs.

Community Health has been recognized and accredited by the following organizations:

There are nearly 1,400 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in the U.S., providing necessary primary care to more than 25 million Americans. The goal of an FQHC is to meet the basic health care needs of their individual communities and serve all residents, including individuals enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, employer-based insurance or those with no insurance.

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a care delivery model whereby patient treatment is coordinated through a primary care physician to ensure patients receive the necessary care when and where they need it, in a manner they can understand. Health centers can achieve PCMH recognition by meeting national standards for primary care that emphasizes care coordination and ongoing quality improvement.

All of Community Health’s  primary care practices received Level III PCMH recognition. These practices include Community Health Rutland, Community Health Castleton, Community Health Brandon, Community Health Mettowee, Community Health Shorewell and Community Health Pediatrics. Level III is the highest level of recognition that can be achieved for Patient Centered Medical Homes and validates the great work Community Health provides for our patients and our community.

As an FQHC, we are required to receive accreditation from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). HRSA is the primary federal agency responsible for improvements in access to health care for people who are uninsured, isolated or medically vulnerable. The HRSA Accreditation and Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Initiative supports health centers working towards better care and lower costs for patients. To view our sliding fee scale click here.

The diabetes education program features a team of Certified Diabetes Educators, guidance from the Diabetes Advisory Committee and accreditation from the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES), a nationally recognized professional organization. An annual evaluation of the program ensures quality and foresight, where patient data and documents are reviewed for compliance with national standards. The review also verifies that all instructors have maintained their minimum requirement of continuing education and that the curriculum is up to date. The annual review also gives Community Health the opportunity to assess clinical outcome measures and to establish continuous quality improvement projects.

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