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Who ya gonna call?

A kind voice, someone to help, is what you expect and what you will hear when you call Community Health for an appointment, to speak with a provider or for information about us. Your health is our priority and the Community Health Patient Access Center is there to direct and assist.

Hello! Community Health. How may I help you?”

Our goal is to constantly improve and upgrade the experience you have every step of the way in your healthcare journey. The trained team at the Patient Access Center, affectionately called “the PAC,” has transitioned Community Health to a centralized phone system that now handles scheduling and telephone answering from one location, serving all of the clinical services in our network. The phone number to reach the PAC is 888-989-8707 (toll free) or 802-779-9169 (local).

So, when you call our offices, your call will be answered by our knowledgeable PAC team who will efficiently assist you with making appointments, refilling prescriptions, speaking with your providers and keeping your information up to date for our medical, behavioral health and pediatrics services.

In addition, Community Health has also centralized its referral team to be part of the PAC. Patients can contact them with any questions related to referrals at the PAC numbers listed above.

Community Dental and Community Health administrative services like billing and medical records’ direct lines are listed below.

Community Dental

802-774-5050 (Rutland)
802-897-7716 (Shorewell)

Medical Records



800-468-9118 (toll free)

You can also communicate with Community Health online. Be sure to check out the Patient Portal. Through the portal you can:

  • Request an appointment
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Pay your bill
  • Communicate with your providers’ team

Check out for details on how you can create your own secure and personal patient portal.

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