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Prevention is a proven health care strategy and immunizations are an integral part of keeping your family protected from preventable illness.

At Community Health, we provide vaccinations for flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, tetanus, HPV, childhood diseases and other illnesses.  Your provider has information about the available vaccines, the recommended age groups and boosters needed to maintain full protection.

Children are immunized from measles, mumps, rubella and other diseases; teenagers between 11 and 12 years old can receive an HPV vaccine preventing them from developing certain cancers in the future; and flu shots are available every year starting in October for the whole family. The coronavirus vaccines are available for children as young as 5 years. For those with chronic health problems like diabetes or asthma, flu and coronavirus symptoms can make their chronic health conditions worse.

Check with your provider and review what vaccines your family members need to avoid preventable illness and stay healthy throughout their lifetimes.

For current Community Health Patients

For everyone, whether or not a current patient.

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