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Community Health’s Telederm service gives primary care patients access to a dermatology specialist via remote consultation from Community Health’s Rutland and Castleton practices. A live digital video link connects the patient to a University of Vermont Medical Center specialist located several hours away, bringing the specialized care to the patient.

Community Health patients, families and children can avoid having to travel sometimes hours to meet with a provider who specializes in the care and treatment of skin conditions and who accepts Medicaid and Medicare, as well as other, insurance coverage.

When a patient’s primary care provider recommends that a dermatologist review a skin condition, digital photos of the condition are sent to the dermatologist and an appointment is scheduled at the Rutland or Castleton practice. A clinical telepresenter accompanies the patient through the intake procedures and stays with them throughout the live video consultation. By reviewing the digital photos sent previously by the patient’s primary care provider, the specialist will make a diagnosis, recommend treatment and consult with the patient’s primary care provider if further treatment or monitoring are needed.

If it’s deemed clinically appropriate, certain procedures can be done right there at the Community Health practice, so the patient won’t have to travel to see the specialist in person. In certain cases, additional photos or a pathology report might be needed for the specialist to assess the patient and develop a treatment plan.

Community Health’s Telederm service reduces the barriers to care for Community Health’s patient population by providing:

  • live access to a specialist in dermatology
  • specialist care covered by Medicaid, Medicare and other insurance
  • an appointment in a nearby Community Health practice in Rutland or Castleton
  • follow up treatment with a Community Health provider
  • familiar Community Health health care professionals to help navigate the process

Community Health is the first facility to offer this type of program in the region, adding to the already robust Telehealth offerings at Community Health. Connecting patients and providers throughout our rural communities and overcoming the transportation, connectivity and coverage barriers to our community is our goal with Telederm and all of Community Health’s Telehealth services.

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