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LaRena Fitz-Gerald, CPC, MS

Chief Operating Officer


LaRena Fitz-Gerald, CPC, MS has worked for Community Health since 1998. She first began her career at Castleton, which at the time, was the only location. She worked in the billing department and was responsible for coding and collecting revenue. In 2000, she implemented EHR (Electronic Health Record) to the billing department. Throughout her career in the billing department, she reduced billing errors from 12-31% to 3-10%. Now as the Chief Operating Officer, LaRena oversees the organization’s operations, IT operations, new business acquisitions, service expansions, business development, and collaborations. She is also responsible for ensuring practice sites remain in compliance with federal, state, and the organizations health and safety regulations. She also assists in the development of policies, procedures, and protocols of operations. LaRena received her master’s degree in leadership from Plattsburgh University in 2013, with a thesis on Program evaluation, leadership communication, and transformational leadership. LaRena enjoys spending her spare time baking, home improvement projects, and golfing.