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Domestic Violence

Finding Safety & Support Handbook

Below please find a great resource for dealing with domestic violence: Domestic Violence Finding Safety and Support Handbook This booklet is for anyone who may be abused, or anyone who thinks they know someone who may be abused. It is not always easy to recognize abuse. This booklet will help you figure out if your current or former partner is abusing you. You can find information about how to get help if any of the following describes your situation:

  • Your partner does things that make you afraid.
  • Your partner does things to control you.
  • Your partner physically hurts you or threatens to hurt you.
  • Your partner forces you to perform any kind of sexual act.
If your partner does any of these things to you, please know that none of it is your fault.
  • You are not to blame.
  • You are not alone.
  • You do not deserve to be treated this way.
  • There is help available.
If you know someone, including a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who is being abused, please know that it is not their fault. This booklet will give you information on how to help them, including:
  • How to talk to them about the abuse.
  • How you can be prepared to help.
  • How to help them get support and services.
  • How to consider your own safety.
If you are a professional in certain fields such as criminal justice, health, mental health, faith based communities, or social services who works with victims of domestic violence, you will find useful information in this booklet as well. Consider sharing this booklet with someone who might find it helpful, if you believe it is safe for the person to have it.