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Unity Through Community: Community Health video blog

Over the past few months anxiety and worry consumed most everyone as the pandemic altered our lives and has overwhelmed almost all of our normal routines.

Community Health Behavioral Health Manager Christopher Chadwick said the one way to deal with pressure, change and negative thoughts is to talk about them.

Chadwick and Community Health Community Relations Specialist and Corporate Compliance Officer Jill Jesso-White decided to take action and speak to the experts in their health network to address what’s been making our lives difficult and how to deal with these issues.

“Unity Through Community” video blog, hosted by Jesso-White, was created to heighten the importance of the connection between those in need and the safety net that exists in the community through Community Health’s medical and behavioral health resources.

In our first blog, Jesso-White and Chadwick explore the ways families and people of all ages can connect even while maintaining social distancing.

In the second video blog, you get to meet Anne Hopkinson, a clinical social worker, who shares thoughtful and actionable ideas for dealing with adjusting to the post-COVID-19 world.

Our third video blog is a mindful discussion about better understanding postpartum issues that affect new moms and their families. Ashley Rick, a mental health clinician and substance abuse counselor, tells us that most people don’t realize the pressures new moms face.

Subscribe to Community Health’s YouTube channel to hear from clinicians involved with mental health, addiction, medication assisted treatment and other behavioral health issues in our community.

If you have an idea for our video blog, email Jill Jesso-White and watch for the next “Unity Through Community” video blog on YouTube and Facebook.

All Community Health practices are now open for in-person visits with medical, dental and behavioral health providers and telemedicine appointments will continue to be available.

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