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Community Health Providers – Making a Difference in Rutland Area Nursing Homes

Community Health’s Nursing Home Service Line provides a network of medical professionals which supports patients that require both long-term care and short-term rehabilitation.

Skilled Nursing Homes Medical Director

Medical Director
Eitan Sobel, MD

Director of Care Management

Director of Care Management
Claudia Courcelle, RN, BSN, MSA, CCM

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Community Health has embedded nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and care coordinators that support and provide daily, onsite medical care and oversight to nursing home patients at Mountain View Center, Rutland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, and The Pines. Our primary care medical professionals work in collaboration with staff members at all of the facilities.

“This program has had a great impact on nursing facility quality measures as well as excellent, timely medical care for our patients at the skilled nursing facilities. Two of our goals are to decrease hospital re-admissions for our nursing home patients as well as decrease emergency room visits unnecessarily.”

– Claudia Courcelle, RN, BSN, MSA, CCM, Community Health Director of Care Management

The Community Health Nursing Home Service Line providers, managed by Medical Director Eitan Sobel, MD, are responsible for admissions, discharges, diagnosing an illness or condition, assisting with sick care and providing regulatory visits required by state and federal law. Dr. Sobel and the Community Health providers do regular onsite visits to the nursing home patients whenever necessary, and work in conjunction with our nurse practitioners and care coordinators who visit 12 to 14 patients each day and manage their ongoing care.

Nurse Practitioners available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

If a Community Health provider is not present in the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), then a designated nurse practitioner will be on call. Nurse practitioners are available 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

The staff employed by the nursing homes include RNs, LPNs, LNA’s, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and social workers. The Community Health physicians and nurse practitioners are the providers that determine what the patients need for medical care.

“As part of the Nursing Home Service Line, the Community Health nursing support team assists patients in their transitions of care which supports them as they are both admitted and discharged from the nursing home facility. They are there to support the team and provide clinical data necessary to support the patients. This is a key component of our care management program. For many of these patients, the SNF becomes their home. They have the ability to see their provider and receive ongoing medical care in their home environment. It is important that these patients receive a warm hand-off and that all information is communicated appropriately for our patients. Our providers are always there to support our patients.”

– Claudia Courcelle, RN, BSN, MSA, CCM, Community Health Director of Care Management

Our Nursing Home Providers

Bradley Berryhill, MD

NP, Nurse Practitioner, nursing homes

Eli Brannon

Krystal Brown

Cristin Craft

Paula Gagnon

Ashley Gebo
LPN Nursing Home Care Coordinator

Sara J. Locke

Heather Renaud
RMA Nursing Home Care Coordinator

Katie Richards-Peelle

Nurse Practitioner

Diana Ricitelli

Danielle Robillard

Webster, Nurse Practitioner

Kayla Webster


Richard Orlan, MD

Gina Fiorino

For more information about how Community Health is making a difference in Rutland area Nursing Homes, please contact Claudia Courcelle at 802-855-2018.

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