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Insurances Accepted

Community Health accepts a wide range of medical, behavioral health, and dental insurance plans in Vermont and New York state. We only accept Medicaid from Vermont and New York.  

How to use your health and dental Insurance coverage

When you come for a healthcare visit, we will make a copy of your insurance card and have you complete the necessary forms for submitting bills to your insurance company. Payments and co-pays will be collected after your medical or dental visit.

You have the final responsibility for payment of your medical or dental bill. If you need assistance in paying your bill, speak with our Financial Services Department to discuss payment options.

If you have questions about your coverage, call your insurance carrier.

Insurance Navigators

Regardless of your income or insurance status, Community Health serves all patients within our Community Health locations and provides you with assistance and information about medical, behavioral health, dental insurance, and payment options.

Community Health Insurance Navigators assist Community Health patients with understanding the healthcare insurance options available to them. The Navigators are certified by the State of Vermont and are accessible to all Community Health patients at all our locations, either by phone or in person.

Making an appointment with an Insurance Navigator

An Insurance Navigator will assist you with applications for health coverage and determining if you are eligible for one of the financial assistance programs.

During a one-hour appointment, the navigator will review your financial status and medical needs including medications, specialists and chronic conditions. Navigators review the coverage plans available to you but will not make specific recommendations as to which plan you should choose.

To make an appointment with an Insurance Navigator, call 802-779-9169.

These are the insurance plans that are accepted by Community Health.

Medical and Behavioral Health Insurances Accepted:

Please note, we only accept Medicaid for patients from Vermont or New York.

These are the insurance plans that are accepted by Community Health.

Dental Insurances Accepted: