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Corporate Values & Compliance

Our Mission:

The Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region are committed to improving the health of our community through the provision of quality health care and compassionate service to all.

Our Values:

Respect:  We treat every patient and their family with dignity.  We show care and concern and we maintain confidentiality at all times.  We behave professionally, take ownership of our actions, support one another, and treat our co-workers with courtesy and respect.

Service:  We are committed to providing outstanding service and compassionate care.  We anticipate patients and family needs and always respond in a timely manner.

When interacting with patients we (AIDET):

  • A = Acknowledge the Patient
  • I = Introduce ourselves
  • D = Duration of Visit
  • E = Explanation of Service
  • T = Thank the patient

Quality:     We will provide safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, equitable, high quality care.

Integrity:   We are honest and ethical and do the right thing for the right reasons.

Always Act with Integrity

Confidential & Anonymous Reporting

Integrity is a Core Value

If you are concerned that a decision or action may violate the law or organizational policy, contact:

  • Community Health Compliance Hotline at 855-750-5893
  • Compliance Risk Manager, 802-855-2097,
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