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Follow My Health, our new patient portal is now available.

Please make sure that we have your current email address on file on your CHCRR account so we will be able to send you an invitation to open your Follow My Health (FMH) account. The next time you visit one of our offices, ask one of the receptionists to make sure your email address is correct or you can enter it yourself by using one of the Phreesia tablets while you are in the waiting room.

You will be able to request an appointment or a prescription refill through the portal, as well as pay your bill on line. You can send a general message to your provider and their nurse through the portal. You will also be able to receive your updated health information directly from your CHCRR medical record into your secure Patient Portal account, and you will be able to update your demographic information, such as a phone number or address change or new insurance information from the comfort of your home through your Follow My Health account and it will transfer into your CHCRR account.

As you set up your own Patient Portal account, you will set up and manage your own user name and password information. Use this link if your have any questions or problems after setting up your FMH account.

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