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Spotlight: Community Health Board of Directors

Community Health Installs New Leadership

Community Health is pleased to announce that Bob Riley, PhD, MPA, MS, is the newly elected chair of the Board of Directors. Nancy Morlino, MBA, a Pawlet resident, was installed as vice chair at the March 2020 meeting.  Riley, who resides in Middletown Springs and is a long-time patient at Community Health Castleton, assumes the chair duties from Bob Hedden, of Pawlet, who has served on the board for 15 years and was board chair for the past four years.

Riley initially joined the Community Health Board in 2017 after retiring from a career in therapeutic recreation, specializing in gerontology, quality assurance and health care administration. “I have worked in human service and higher education for 40 years including serving as a therapist, educator (college professor), college administrator (dean), and health care credentialing administrator,” Riley said. Riley has authored or co-authored over 50 publications and presented over 150 educational sessions, workshops and research abstracts on therapeutic recreation and health care management. In addressing the role of the Community Health Board, Riley shared that “our number one priority at Community Health is to continue to provide excellent health care and to look for opportunities to improve services whenever possible.” He added, “A secondary goal is to maintain our financial viability and strength by exploring opportunities to strategically grow and diversify.” The board, Riley said, will continue to work with the staff to introduce advanced technologies like telemedicine, as well as to put more emphasis on data collection and evaluating current policies and protocols in use.

A retired chemist and MBA, Morlino joined the board in 2018, looking to share her business background and experience to help steer the organization’s development. “Community Health is well positioned for the future,” Morlino said, citing the organization’s strategic planning and forward-thinking technology and infrastructure. “One of the factors in selecting Pawlet was the availability of health care. Community Health is less than five miles away from where we are,” she said. Morlino is a patient at Community Health Mettowee. “It’s very Important to have a solid facility providing  good quality health care in the community.”

The Community Health Board of Directors is made up of 17 unpaid volunteers who are responsible for the administrative and clinical operation of the health network. As an FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center), the board follows requirements set up by the federal government’s Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA). As one of the requirements, over half the board must be patients of Community Health. The board and its committees, including executive, governance, strategic quality and finance, meet monthly.

The Board of Directors includes: Carol Ballou; Ron Barrett; Melbourne Boynton; Joanne Calvi; Carol Causton; Madeleine Fay: Lenny Gibson; Richard Griffith; Beth Halpern; Thomas Heubner; Larry Jensen; Carol Lee; Amy Menard; Nancy Morlino; Bob Riley; Sally Wood; and nonvoting members Treasurer Michael Gardner and Secretary Pam Forte.

Bob Riley PhD, MPA, MS, is the newly elected chair of the Board of Directors
Nancy Morlino, MBA Vice Chair

Community Health is Vermont’s largest FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center), a network of primary care, pediatric, behavioral health and dental services with offices in Rutland, Brandon, Castleton, West Pawlet and Shoreham. Community Dental offices are located in Rutland and Shoreham, Community Health Pediatrics is in Rutland and Behavioral Health services are available at all of our locations. Community Health Express Care centers, open 7 days a week, are located at the Rutland and Castleton Community Health Centers.

The mission of Community Health (Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region) is to improve the health and wellness of all people in the communities we serve by providing access to excellent medical and dental primary care regardless of any financial consideration.

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