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Are You at Risk for Prediabetes?

Are You at Risk for Prediabetes?

Risk factors include:

  • high blood pressure
  • being overweight
  • family history of diabetes
  • Women are at a higher risk if they had gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Talk to your provider if you have any of these risk factors. Ask about the Farmacy and NatureRX programs for access to healthy food and your own health coach.

Begin With Prevention

  • Next time you see your health care provider ask about prediabetes and preventive programs like….
    • Farmacy farm fresh produce
    • NatureRX prescriptions for wellness activities

    Especially during the summer months, take advantage of the healthy foods from local farmers and the beautiful outdoors that Vermont has to offer! At Community Health we include healthy living options and ways to prevent illness and chronic conditions as an integral part of our health care mission. Talk to your Community Health provider for more information.

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