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What Is OneCare Vermont?

OneCare is your local accountable care organization, led by health care providers.

Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region joined OneCare Vermont because we believe in offering the best care possible to Vermonters, and because we support the shift to value-based care.

OneCare is Vermont’s local, 501(c)(3) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) that partners with health care providers to transform the state’s health care system. OneCare doesn’t provide health care – instead, it brings health groups together to improve health care quality and stabilize costs. By managing network performance, giving health care providers data and analytics, and paying for quality of care and improved population health, OneCare supports organizations like Community Health in our work to deliver excellent health care to Vermonters.

Through this partnership, OneCare moves Vermont toward a trusted, equitable health care system where Vermonters and providers work together to achieve optimal health and an exceptional care experience.

Partnering to move Vermont into a value-based care system.

Our current healthcare system is in a “fee-for-service” model, which is designed to make the business of health care successful when patients receive more and more services. As the cost of health care is skyrocketing, it is clear the fee-for-service system is not sustainable. To change the tide and shift to a value-based care model, Community Health and your local accountable care organization, OneCare Vermont, are partnering to move Vermont into what is called a value-based care system. Value-based care allows providers to practice in the way they were trained to deliver care: patient-centered and focused on the value to the patients instead of the volume of billable services. Watch short video to learn more about value-based care.

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